the team

what makes us tick

how we roll

with sincerity

We love the people we meet, the work that we do and the industry we’re in.  

We truly believe in the transformative power of coffee and well-designed software. Our lives obsessively revolve around what we do, talking shop and embracing the nerd.  

Paul, who is our visionary leader, computer systems engineer and grower of the second-best beard in the team; is exceptional at collaborating with clients from business and IT backgrounds. He also just thrives on building awesome solutions that take large corporations to even higher heights.

"USC consider Paul Yahchouchy and his team to be visionary in the global AV industry, with outstanding AV consultation and project management skills.  USC recognise that successful on-time delivery of the Moreton Bay project would not have been possible without the involvement of a partner of their calibre.”

Hayden Leiper
Team Lead, AV Systems Information Technology
University of the Sunshine Coast

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