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With our rich integrations to building technologies, including networks, Wi-Fi, lighting, motion, access, people-counting and more, we are in the prime position to provide your business with valuable insights on how people interact with spaces in your buildings.

a better way to interact with the workplace

  • Be COVID compliant and use your phone to start meetings and control AV.

  • Take the pain away from room booking. Quickly find available rooms around you, based on geolocation, size, availability, occupancy, cleanliness, all whilst leveraging your existing calendar system.

  • Equip building facilities with visualisations and insights, covering metrics such as people counts, space density, heatmaps, foot traffic, unsafe dwelling and more.

  • Get quickly familiar with your workplace surroundings, by easily finding points of interests around you, based on geolocation and floor maps, all from the palm of your hand.

  • Equip building facilities with a data-driven cleaning strategy, targeting areas based on own metrics and scores of cleanliness.

  • Catering - order refreshments to meeting rooms, or lunch to your desk to reduce canteen lines, and bill straight to internal cost centres.

  • Get immediate help by interacting with support bots, and chat live with support teams from your mobile.


COVID has introduced a new way of operating. Shared touch panels and control surfaces are no longer a desirable option and viewed as a OH/S risk. With Innospace, start your meeting and control the AV in the room with the scan of a QR code at the door. No need to interact with any common surfaces, and the only requirement is Internet.


So much time is wasted in finding meeting rooms, points of interest and colleagues in the workplace.  Innospace will pinpoint what you are looking for on the map of the floor you are on, allowing you to navigate your way around the workplace efficiently.


Stay informed on people counts in a building with the necessary information at your fingertips: physical distancing compliance scores, people density within zones (e.g. meeting rooms), traceable unsafe human interactions, distance between occupants and foot traffic flow.  

Take the responsibility away from ill-equipped security guards and non-data-driven methods that fall short of ensuring your safety, and the safety of your people.  These are the tools you need to identify workspace redesign opportunities and aid people in complying with physical distancing rules.  


Blanket cleaning strategies are expensive and wasteful.  Innospace optimises services by focusing on cleaning spaces and areas after each use.  This data-driven targeted cleaning strategy is a much better use of resources, at the same time providing more effective results because it ensures that cleaning is driven by client needs.

Equip facilities with cleaning metrics, including KPI’s and SLA’s, which can be incorporated into cleaning contracts.  


Order your lunch from your desk, or from your meeting room.  Reduces the need to stand in canteen lines, aids people in complying with physical distancing, and providing a VIP treatment to meeting rooms when required, with option to automatically bill internal cost centres.


Get immediate help by interacting with support bots, and chat live with the right support teams, including AV / IT / Facilities, to easily get assistance with a personable experience from your mobile.

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