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monitoring & analytics

We’ve run various heavy-weight enterprise services and have long required an operational tool that allowed us to ‘touch and feel’ our environments.  

We found that existing platforms were too product-centric with monitoring limited to their own product family. Industry data-enabled solutions also tended to be siloed and incapable of aggregating across multiple data sources. There simply wasn't anything available that matched our expectations and would give us the insights we needed to improve our client's experiences; as well as help us to make more informed decisions about our next features and roadmap.

As a multi-disciplined team who embraces data science, we needed to create a purpose-built tool that facilitated the services we manage; allowing them to be data-driven in every aspect. And so Innoportal was born. One the most advanced tools for keeping your finger on the pulse... Always tracking, always watching, always observing.


  • Real time & historical visualisations, increasing service awareness, and keeping you informed on the pulse of your building tech.

  • Application and infrastructure monitoring ensures your system is always in top shape and readily available.

  • Data-driven insights presenting building usage patterns, including performance, efficiencies, opportunities, lifecycles, space, energy, access and more... Leading to more informed data-driven decisions, especially in real estate and facilities management.

  • Sweeping health checks allow you to assess the heartbeat of every connected component in your digital ecosystem.

  • Intelligent alerting, with severity tags for superior support prioritisation, auto ticket promotion to ServiceNow to reach the right audience and, auto alert and ticket closure for alarm fatigue prevention.

  • Detect undesirable behaviours and unusual anomalies, with applied machine learning, and produces actionable information for rapid resolution.

  • Auto asset discovery, onboarding and tracking, with optional integration to your CMDB.

  • A complete service knowledge base and search engine, with document hosting & management, and auto-discovered service metadata with optional manual data enrichment.


Don't wait for your environment to deteriorate before you take action. Detect early signs of sickness and mediate issues before they become problems. Stay in touch with the availability, uptime and response time of every connected device in your ecosystem, ensuring your service readiness at all times.


Until now, the options for monitoring building tech have been limited. Operational teams and facilities have struggled to understand the usage patterns and life cycles of building solutions. There hasn't been any tangible proof or metrics, proving user satisfaction and building design efficiencies.

With Innoportal, real time, user-tailored dashboards and reports show you how your environment is behaving in real time, as well as historically, clearly identifying trends and usage patterns.

auto alert closure

False alarms erode trust and cause future notifications to be ignored. Innoportal ensures that present alerts are always accurate, by continuously health checking the environment, validating active alerts and automatically closing resolved ones.

asset auto discovery and tracking

Tracking assets has traditionally been manual, unreliable, and with little-to-no integration to your organisation's strategic platforms. Innoportal allows for the auto on-boarding, real-time tracking and retiring of your connected appliances without human intervention and with optional integration to your organisation’s CMDB, such as ServiceNow.

knowledge base & metadata

Keeping all information about a space in one central location is usually a nightmare. A well organised team may have a structured filing and metadata system, but manual management and governance of such a system is labour intensive at best.

Innoportal hosts all information about your spaces, including metadata, tags, URLS, and documents. It facilitates for manual data entry as well as automated data injection from Innomesh on room deployment.

With pre-defined forms and easy migration paths, you are able to retire legacy proprietary metadata and monitoring platforms.

document management

Forget about shared drives, conflicting document versions, loss of information and double handling. Host your room documents, schematics, DSP profiles, floors layouts, and anything that is related to the room, in one place, in the cloud. Innoportal will manage your documents, with automated filing, versioning and archiving, and ensure information is easy to find as part of a strong search engine mechanism.

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