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vendor agnostic

Innomesh connects your IoT and AV devices, diverse applications and platform investments. By creating one logical mesh, it spans across public clouds, virtual private clouds and on-premise data centres, in order to control disparate environments as one unit; achieving bigger goals, richer integrations and data-driven actions that leverage latest tech such as AI models.

  • The first IoT and AV management software with High Availability
  • Enables cross-platform and cloud-to-cloud integrations
  • Industry supported and conforms to industry best practices
  • Manages reputable, supported industry edge compute platforms
  • Provides zero-latency user experiences and interactions
  • Establishes a world-class foundation for the stability and automation of your environments

speed, agility & responsiveness

With zero impact configurations, self-serve portals, highly configurable software and infrastructure automation, your team is able to respond to business requirements swiftly and with ease, increasing service agility and satisfying client needs with minimal cost and time.

Traditionally, your ability to respond to changing end user requirements has been dependent on your vendor. Innomesh allows you to take back control and own your service.

innomesh... what's not to love!

  • High Availability - No perceived downtime if an app goes down.

  • Health checks performed every 5 seconds, on all servers, all control platforms and all spaces within your environment.

  • Innomesh takes the recovery process down to seconds, and frequently without human intervention.

  • Easily manage previously long-winded manual tasks and processes, with our automated workflows.

  • Designed to monitor your environment remotely. Enable your operations team to work from home whilst pro-actively supporting your service.

  • Can be hosted on the public cloud or your virtual private cloud (or both).

  • Makes standardisation of designs simple; creating more uniform experiences for end-users.

  • Fully supported, by us and the industry, and continuously updated with guaranteed reliability.

  • Enables you to control service standardisation, leveraging your organisation's SSO, to provide design flexibility, whilst maintaining supportability.

  • Deploy your rooms in multiple data centres across multiple regions, reducing disaster blast radius, and enabling canary deployments.

  • Reconfigure rooms live, with no end-user impact, and little technical knowledge required.

  • Equip your vendors to self-serve room deployments from a portal, with automated workflows and no programming required.

  • We have an API-first approach to everything that we do, we play well with others.

  • Intelligent alerts, with applied machine learning, auto ticket promotion to ServiceNow, and auto resolution to eliminate alert fatigue.

  • Evergreen - fully supported, continuously updated, with guaranteed response time and reliability.


Too often systems are developed by specialist programmers employed by companies, with no standards, quality control, and little to no scope for clients to say how solutions should work. Innomesh flips this around by automating complex tasks and workflows that typically involve costly industry specialists and by providing a configurable business logic engine. This returns the power of amending system behaviour back to you and your organisation.

remote monitoring

Until now, monitoring of smart systems has been either fragmented, tied to a vendor or non-existent.  If there is monitoring involved, the accuracy is questionable and often too noisy to make sense and provide any real client value.  Innomesh overcomes all of this.  It was purpose built to facilitate remote monitoring and proactive support of individual rooms and digital ecosystems.  

hybrid CLOUD

Innomesh can be served as a SaaS from our public cloud, your virtual private cloud, or both. With this flexibility, you are able to meet your organisation's IT & cloud strategy, whilst ensuring alignment with enterprise architecture, approved integrations patterns and security by design.


Standardisation ensures a uniform experience for your users, a supportable environment for your operational team and provides proven repeatable designs that ensure reliability and efficiency. Bespoke systems built by vendors of different skillsets and calibre present a maintenance nightmare for support teams.  

Innomesh however, makes standardisation easy. Use the Innomesh web portal to define your standard system templates, and apply fine-grained authorisation (federated to your IDP / SSO) to expose sections of those templates for integrators to fulfil and build against. Adjust those templates easily as your requirements grow and your service flexibility varies. Know that the power to enforce or loosen standardisation is truly in your hands.

multi zoning

Deploy your rooms on multiple servers, in various data centers, accross multiple availability zones and regions.  This increases room availability and reduces outage blast radius and allows for management via one portal.

Multi zones also allow for canary deployments, reducing risk associated with new software versions in production, by slowly rolling out the change to a targetted subset of users before rolling it out to entire environments.


Changing a room’s configuration used to be a big deal. Programmers would need to be engaged, rooms need to be booked out for hours or even days, and you’re at the mercy of the programmer's skillset as to whether the reconfiguration will work correctly and to your liking.

Thanks to Innomesh you can now re-configure your rooms live, whilst teaching or meeting sessions are taking place, with zero impact to the end user. You can also add presentation sources, presentation destinations, devices and much more, on the fly, whilst the end user is presenting, all without disruptions.


We apply an API first approach to everything that we do.  This makes our creations available for others to consume, extend and innovate on top of.  It's how we help to ensure our solutions are always evolving, improving and delivering what users want and need.


Support your environment with ease. Launch the Innomesh portal for any space, with a single click of a button. Spend less time working out how to support end users and more time actually supporting them.


All too often control software is written and left to run as is, frozen for the lifetime of the system. Incapable of adopting new tech, it quickly dates, requiring the expense of a programmer to refresh it every time, introducing a risk of bugs and interruptions.

Innomesh overcomes all of this being fully supported, continuously updated with guaranteed response time and reliability. Energised by a continuous improvement culture, our team releases features every 4 to 6 weeks, all of which are available to you with your subscription.

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