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An enterprise-grade suite that manages your entire IoT ecosystem (including BMS, AV, security and surveillance, lighting, access and mobile control); with deployment efficiency, reliability, redundancy, scalability, uniformity and a cherry on top.*

* Business insights that'll blow your mind



A cloud-native SaaS platform that connects your building tech with one logical mesh.

onboarding & subscription
infrasturcture agnostic
  • Highly available
  • Room booking
  • Self-healing
  • Workflow automation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cross platform integrations
  • Multi-zoning



Superior automation framework for large scale control.

onboarding & Subscription
  • Highly reusable
  • Rich integrations to smart building technologies
  • Highly configurable
  • Collecting and streaming data from all connected IoT technologies
  • Distributed compute at the edge
  • Highly available



Powerful monitoring, alerting and actionable insights powered by Big Data.

onboarding & subscription
infrastructure agnostic
  • Real time and historical data visualisations
  • Monitoring
  • Insights
  • Alerting and ticketing
  • User friendly
  • Asset auto discovery and tracking
  • Knowledge base of your spaces



Interact with the workplace from the palm of your hand

onboarding & subscription
infrastructure agnostic
  • Mobile convenience
  • Touchless space control
  • Instant room booking
  • Room availability
  • Physical distancing
  • Locate colleagues
  • Targeted cleaning services
  • Catering
  • Concierge services



Your virtual eyes and ears on the ground.

  • Pre-emptive monitoring by DevOps specialists you can trust
  • Pre-emptive monitored notifications
  • Take swift action and champion recovery
  • Team of multi-disciplined engineers available for up to 14 hours a day

innomesh makes data work

are you all collection AND no action?

Consider the millions of dollars that are tied up in devices connected to building management systems, lighting control systems, audio visual systems, facilities management, security & CCTV, parking, visitor management and tracking systems… there’s A LOT to manage.  Each device within these systems is constantly relaying data (environmental variables and status etc.) back to its proprietary digital silo; and that’s where it stops. The potential and opportunity being lost to this rudimentary architecture is astounding...

direct integration is old school

With incoming data from all of the multi-disciplinary silos, there’s no longer a pressing need to directly integrate individual systems; such integrations create system coupling resulting in expensive and hard-to-maintain integrations.  Thanks to Big Data and Innomesh magic, there’s now an all-knowing platform providing historical and a real time overview of every system in the building. And it’s all achieved by keeping the architecture lean and clean and without the layers of apps and wasted resources on shadow IT.

Designed Building Ontology  

Break the barriers between propriety digital silos.  
Collect data from all building technologies, give it uniformity and then capture it within an all-encompassing, client-owned, building-wide data lake.

Lean, Clean & Low Touch

Lean and clean architecture, without layers of apps and shadow IT.  Achieve low touch outcomes and new-found efficiencies through intelligence, orchestrated workflows and automation.

Control & Insight

New levels of interconnectedness and interoperability allow for advanced control, monitoring, alerting, visualisation, log aggregation and analytics.  Joining-the-dots has never been so easy.     

"Westpac engaged the services of Innomate to work with the team on several large complex projects. I've have dealt with many consultants, integrators and the like over the years but the professionalism, energy, drive and delivery from Innomate is second to none.  

At all times during their assignments, the company’s management and technicians were extremely responsive to, and skilled in, meeting all our needs.  Their responsiveness to our requests for delivery of service and equipment maintenance was of the highest calibre…. I would highly recommend Innomate to organisations that seek quality, excellence, understanding and best practice service."

Antonio Cassaniti
Property Technology Integration Manager

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