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We’ve managed large-scale, digital workplace services, with infrastructure estimated above 40 million AUD and thousands of meeting spaces; we’ve been in your shoes.  We know what it takes to engage, design, create, deliver, operate and upkeep enterprise services; in a rapidly evolving industry with continuously emerging technologies and discontinued ones.

...holding the front line isn't easy

Holding the service front line and keeping everything running isn’t easy.  Plugging holes in your ship might keep your service floating but to reach organisational goals and beyond, you need to prepare for battle.  Solutions must meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

When Paul (our founder) designed a leading standard service catalogue and applied it to 10x buildings across the nation, the business was satisfied.  A year later, the standard had become obsolete because some technologies were discontinued, and new technologies had emerged. This was a huge frustration for everyone.

Paul solved it with the development of Innoedge. Innoedge was first deployed in a big bank, where it was reused and scaled for over 5 years (untouched); thanks to its ability to support change. With its rise in popularity, plenty more features and benefits have since been added. Here's a run-down of the favourites:

innoedge to the rescue

  • Infrastructure Agnostic - No more expensive re-programming when technology changes. Just point to the new driver. (No specialist knowledge required.)

  • Supports standardisation and fosters agility with rapid deployment of large quantities of spaces.

  • Forget stand-alone room controllers, Innoedge lives on the edge. There's no latency while reaping the rewards of cloud connectivity.

  • Ready to deliver. Forget flaky un-tested software, Innoedge is tried and tested in thousands of systems.

  • Intuitive and available on mobile - control a space from the palm of your hand.

  • Achieve in-room high availability. An industry first for AV.

  • Collects data from all your building tech, and streams it to your big data lake, enabling data-driven insights and actions.

  • Gain greater control over user experiences with workflow automation, branded user interfaces, and simple user interactions.

  • With an abundance of rich integrations, touch panels seamlessly control everything you need them to.

  • Being evergreen, you'll never have to fear discontinued tech, or another firmware release. Because continuous updates are now part of your service lifecycle.

  • Code your own additional system functions, as an extension to Innoedge. There are no limitations; the power is in your hands.

distributed compute at The edge

By living on the edge of the network (in your virtual private cloud or on-premise), the Innoedge framework caters for a highly responsive experience, in both user interfaces and interactions.

This provides for better security, less firewall rules, less subnet traversal and increased reliability. This architecture allows Innoedge to provide experiences that are as quick as local in-room controllers, and as rich as cloud solutions, granting the best of both worlds.


The Innoedge framework collects data from all connected building technologies. The data is streamed in real time to the organisation's data lake for further processing.

This level of data logging is unprecedented in this industry. It dramatically increases environment observability, providing rich insights and data-driven actions.


With our rich unified communication (UC) integrations, it takes just one simple, uniform and familiar interface to control presentations, bookings and UC platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. This prevents the need for multiple touch panels on the boardroom table and the fallout that occurs every time new firmware is released.  As an evergreen platform, this will never be an issue, Innoedge delivers holistically, consistently and reliably.

examples OF user interfaces created with innoedge

Standardised UI design for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Standardised UI design for GenesisCare.

Standardised UI design for Leidos.

Standardised UI design for the Australia National University.

Incident Command Centre for ElectraNet (South Australia).

UI design for Herbert Smith Freehills, Sydney.

Standardised design for Lockheed Martin.

UI design for production spaces in NEP, Sydney.

Simulation Centre for NSW Police.

Standardised UI design for the University of Queensland.

UI design for Macquarie University, Sydney.

Standardised UI design for Nursing Simulation Rooms, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

UI design for laboratories, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

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