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When it comes to customising your IoT & AV management software solution, there’s no ‘best’ universal engagement model that matches every company and project. That’s why we employ an approach based on the location, wants, needs and interests of our client.  Being deeply client centric means that we’ll go above and beyond our own needs to deliver a successful outcome; it’s just what drives us, it’s who we are.

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With several clients in remote locations we have successfully ran projects and deployed full solutions internationally, without stepping foot on client grounds. A proven cost reduction strategy for clients without compromising the end result.


Where possible, we love to solve real world business challenges through rapid-prototyping; involving the quick development of proof-of-concepts and minimal viable products. Once you're satisfied, these products can be hardened, made ready for production and rolled out at scale.

"Innomate’s team of developers who were writing, deploying and testing Crestron VC-4 code remotely from their offices in Sydney were all invaluable to the project.

The Innomate team and their delivery methodology allowed USC to effectively workshop system functionality and user interface design prior to installation.  Remote commissioning of the hardware installation allowed Innomate to quickly identify and resolve both physical and logical issues prior to USC acceptance testing.  

USC greatly appreciate the efforts of the Innomate development team on the Moreton Bay project and acknowledge their significant contribution to the successful outcome achieved."

Hayden Leiper
Team Lead, AV Systems Information Technology
University of the Sunshine Coast

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