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solving problems


Solving business problems with software, is the core of what we do.  We specialise in examining existing digital architecture in relation to organisational needs and then designing, developing and integrating more effective software solutions to fit the enterprise environment.

We use the Cloud, Big Data and IoT to drive workplace transformation, with features that include - people finding, workplace intelligence, facilities and real estate insights, advanced AV integration and automation, building management and workflow automation. One of our greatest strengths is leveraging existing technologies and investments and developing on the client’s strategic platforms. We do this better than anyone.

We achieve interoperability with designed building ontology.  It involves the collection and transformation of uniform data from all building technologies, describing physical, logical and virtual assets, and forming a context around them, effectively breaking the barriers between proprietary digital silos; forming an all-encompassing, client-owned, building-wide data lake.

in a nutshell

WE're passionate about

  • Exploring and identifying leading technologies that are best fit to solve business problems.
  • Describing business challenges in both technical and user-friendly terms.
  • Pinpointing the right frameworks, platforms, and full-stack solutions to the problem.
  • Ensuring the solution is scalable and future ready and designed to become part of an established operational model.
  • Being objective-driven, doing what it takes to get an optimum outcome.
  • Clearly communicating project dependencies and risks, which we mitigate and resolve.
  • Collecting and applying user feedback after every sprint, bringing all stakeholders with us on the journey.
  • Incubating proof of concepts and minimal viable products and validating solution feasibility.
  • Building, managing, implementing and deploying the solution.
  • Supporting the solution with established long-term operational models.
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