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About Innomate

We are a team of highly experienced multi-disciplined IT professionals passionate about delivering high quality services and technology solutions.
We provide cutting-edge software applications and deliver innovative solutions to meet today’s sophisticated workplace technology and audiovisual needs. With experience in system design, user experience, software engineering, implementation, commissioning and consultancy, we’re confident Innomate has the right solution for you.
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Our Services

Our team is experienced in providing a range of digital services including system design, software development, consultancy, technical documentation, service and support, cloud and web technologies, infrastructure integration and audio engineering. With in-house expertise in various control systems and cloud platforms, we are confident we have the right solution for you.

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Our Products

We are dedicated to understanding your business needs and finding the right solution for your organisation. We offer products that co-exist in your ecosystem, leveraging existing infrastructure and allowing your organisation to capitalise on previous investments. Our products include management, monitoring and reporting platforms, as well as middleware solutions that integrate to client infrastructure and harness the power of the cloud.

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Case Studies

At Innomate, we believe that client satisfaction is key to our ongoing success. Our portfolio reflects the high quality workmanship we bring to every job. Our belief is that we bring the best value to our client when we journey with them through to project completion and beyond, to ensure user needs are comprehensively met. We draw great pleasure in knowing that our systems are well liked, and well utilised.

To see examples of our work and how we have helped recent and current clients, please click on the case studies presented below.

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